PSP Update 5.51: Download PSP 5.51 Firmware Update

If you own a PSP 3000 like the one shown below (pink), PSP update 5.51 is going to be available for download anytime soon.  For now, the system software is still version 5.50. The PSP firmware v5.51 update will be the latest system software for the Playstation Portable when it becomes available for download.

PSP Update 5.51

PSP Update 5.51

We will update you on this news (plus a tutorial on how to update your PSP to firmware version 5.51) if and when we have updated our own Playstation portable unit. It’s quite easy to update the PSP firmware to v5.51, really. It’s very much similar to any software upgrade except that you have to connect to the internet or download the update file and store it in its memory card to do this. Lastly, I wonder when will the next PS3 update be after this?

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    many thanks to all of you!

  2. herbert gilbert says:

    i want psp update software

  3. tyrone says:

    how to downgrade PSP version

  4. Abdul Moiz says:

    The firmware is upgraded to 5.51 but it does not show any games..

  5. Ronak says:

    Hi… Plz Help me….. my sony psp 3004pb v 5.51… i am crack this system plz help me………

  6. abud says:

    i want to make update so i need another version

  7. abud says:

    i want to download psp update version 5.51

  8. John says:

    5.03 firmware is not good dont download it you spoofy

  9. simon says:

    dont update ur psp to 5.51, you may loose ur game… wtf

  10. SUHAIL says:

    when i tried to update my psp firmware version 5.51 i am getting an error as dadada can any one help me?

  11. pspgofiles says:

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  12. ayush says:

    i updated the psp version 5.51 cus i already have it but since i updated it all my memory stick games got deleted!!

    wat shud i do??

  13. asep supriono says:

    update psp 5.51 firmware pleace!!!

  14. ruddy buckman says:

    i would like to have the latest firmware update

  15. Jesus Garcia says:

    update my psp 5.51 firmware please!!!!!!!!!!!!!