Download Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Firmware Update Free

If you own a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, you can download a firmware update for your Xperia X1 cell phone for free. The ROM or firmware update for Xperia X1 is made available for free download from a Rapishare address – The free ROM/firmware update for Xperia X1, though, is limited to some locations only. Check the locations where Xperia X1 firmware update works.

Some of the available Xperia X1 ROM updates ready for free download are the following:

R2A (NEW) firmwares:

  • X1i_GENERIC_AT_CDF1215-3299_R2AA009
  • X1a_GENERIC_NAM_CDF1219-1224_R2AA008
  • X1i_GENERIC_DK_CDF1216-5857_R2AA008
  • X1i_GENERIC_CH_CDF1215-3301_R2AA008
  • X1i_GENERIC_DE_CDF1215-3303_R2AA006
  • X1i_GENERIC_NO_CDF1216-5859_R2AA008
  • X1i_GENERIC_PT_CDF1215-3313_R2AA008
  • X1i_GENERIC_RU_CDF1216-5861_R2AA007
  • X1i_GENERIC_TW_CDF1216-5863_R2AA007
  • X1i_GENERIC_SE_CDF1215-3315_R2AA006
  • X1i_VFE_NL_CDF1215-0321_R2AA004
  • X1i_VFE_UK_CDF1215-0285_R2AA007

R1A (INITIAL) firmwares: (for warranty restore or for change of language)

  • X1i_O2_DE_CDF1215-1634_R1AA019
  • X1a_GENERIC_LAM_CDF1219-1259_R1AA021
  • X1i_GENERIC_IT_CDF1215-3309_R1AA017
  • X1a_TELSTRA_AU_CDF1221-3134_R1AA021
  • X1i_GENERIC_NL_CDF1215-3311_R1AA017
  • X1i_GENERIC_UK_CDF1215-1832_R1AA017
  • X1i_MOBCOM_AT_CDF1215-0312_R1AA019
  • X1i_O2_UK_CDF1215-3293_R1AA020
  • X1i_TMO_AT_CDF1216-0478_R1AA020
  • X1i_SFR_FR_CDF1215-0330_R1AA020
  • X1i_SWISSCOM_CH_CDF1215-0318_R1AA020
  • X1i_VCOM_ZA_CDF1215-0325_R1AA017
  • X1i_TMO_DE_CDF1216-0471_R1AA020
  • X1i_TMO_NL_CDF1216-0475_R1AA020
  • X1i_VFE_DE_CDF1215-0292_R1AA019

Important Note: Do Not update the firmware of your Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 unless you are sure of what you’re doing. If you’re not sure of the exact update procedure, consult a cell phone technician. This is to ensure that you won’t damage your cell phone. Xperia X1 is one of the most expensive cell phones in the market so it will be a waste of money if it gets broken by an improper firmware update. :-)

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  1. Allan Peter says:

    Please i need to change the language for my xperia x1 to english

  2. brymoo says:

    how can i get my sony ericsson xperia x1 gprs settings and d internet settings

  3. Munim Al says:

    I want to convert my sony xperia x1 to android OS 2.2 froyo version. can some one give me the link and steps plz?

  4. ipelomada says:

    Hi, i need help on my Sony Xperia X1. the phone is in norwegian language and i want it to be converted to english. since i cant understand Norsk, can someone please give me a step by step instructions on how to do it. Thank you very much.

  5. Wilhelmina S Hill says:

    I own a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10A and would like to know how can I remove/delete the Yahoo! location picker from my phone. Appreciate your help!

  6. alexliz simon says:

    i have my sony xperia x1 but i want to change the language from Norwegian to English. please reply immediately. thanks

    • Wilhelmina S Hill says:

      @alexliz simon,

      tap the touchscreen for settings, local & text, select locale which gives you a listing of languages, press English (United States) and that should work

  7. mahdi says:

    hi. im having sony ericsson xperia x1. how i can download aol 9.5 – connected ?

  8. paritosh says:

    hi! im having sony ericssion x1i. how i can update my firmware? some software says that use latest version of firmware. plz help me out

  9. sanmi says:

    can someone tell me how to change my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 language from french to english?

    • Wilhelmina S Hill says:


      tap the touchscreen for settings, local & text, select locale which gives you a listing of languages, press English (United States) and that should work!

  10. daniel says:

    browsing with it is so damn difficult, my sim is already configured cos i do use it on nokia phones and its always perfect but on xperia x1 its something else, is there something am not doing or perhaps there is a process i need to follow?

  11. daniel says:

    is it possible to download x2 update on Sony Ericsson Xperia x1 so as to make its accessories be that of x1?

  12. samer says:

    i still find out how to use Sony Ercisson Xpreria X1 easily, thanks again!

  13. samer says:

    thanks for the info!!!

  14. atin says:

    I need flash player for sony ericsson xperia x1. can anybody show me how & where can I download this software.. please show me how.. thanks

  15. Pauleta says:

    hello ! i have a sony ericsson xperia x1 in french and i wana get it in english ! plz reply and let me know the steps too ! thanx

    • Wilhelmina S Hill says:


      from the touchscreen, scroll until you find settings, tap on it, tap on locale & text, tap select locale, scroll until you see English (United States), tap on it and it should be fine!

  16. Pedro says:

    I have bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and have updated the cellphone software through Update Service. Everything was Ok until it finished and restarted the phone, It simply gets stuck at the beginning a blank screen is shown and the phone doesn’t start could anyone please help me


  17. Andi Sainal Abidin says:

    i still find out how to use Sony Ercisson Xpreria easily, thank’s

  18. Aris says:

    send us xperia x1 panels download

  19. alexis says:

    acabo de compra un celular sony ericsson xperia y queisiera si es que alguien me puede ayudar a encontrar juegos, programas o algun panel para este,,, ya que no soy muy diestro en computacion o para motivo por le cual se me ha echo dificil encontrar articulos para mi movil……… y los que encontrado son demaciado pequeñños……. my correo es ………….se agradese

  20. simeon says:


    i have xperia x1 but it gets virus how can i remove virus? pls reply me

  21. Jan says:


    I have a sony ericsson X1, How can I change its language from deutsch to english?

  22. Alan says:

    Hi there,
    Great site for Xperia X1 firmware.
    May I ask, what software is needed to flash the Xperia with the firmware.

  23. Gary says:


    Excellent post.

    Provided me with the information that I needed. So I wish to extend a big thank you to the author. The same information is available on the XDA forums however is not as easily understood as what is posted here. So again thank you.

  24. raj says:

    I want to convert my dutch xperia to english language. can some one give me the link and steps

    • Gelt says:

      Hi Raj, same here. Found new firmware UK R3AA10 available to make our X1 a UK phone. But not a clue how to do this. Automatic update looks at the version installed and doesn’t give you the option to choose from a different location where you downloaded the UK version.

      Come on all the experts here, tell us please!

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