Download Free Sony Ericsson Satio Software Update and Upgrade Satio’s Performance

The popular Satio will have a major software update available for download. You can download the Satio Update Service Update free at then wait for the availability of the free Satio Software update. Sony Ericsson disclosed that this software upgrade will be rolled out in a matter of weeks over different regions around the world and not immediately available to all Satio owners. Software updates might require prior approval and cooperation of service providers.

Download Free Satio Software Update: Upgrade for Features Available

Sony Satio owners will eventually get this new software update that is packed not only with bug fixes but also includes notable feature upgrades.

Satio Software Update Will Improve Performance and Adds New Features

Here are some of the added features in this free Satio software update that’s up for download

  1. WVGA video recording – The Satio’s already excellent video recording is augmented to support wide screen format . Therefore the video capture resolution is slightly increased to 864 x 480 pixels. However the VGA (640×480) resolution will remain as the default setting. You will need to manually change it to WVGA to shoot wide screen videos.
  2. Facebook Photo Uploading – The new update will allow you to finally upload pics from your Satio phone directly to Facebook. A new icon for Facebook Mobile Photo uploading is going to be in the new Homescreen.
  3. Youtube Video Uploading – Accordingly, Satio owners can now also do direct uploads of videos to Youtube via the Media User Interface.
  4. DLNA support – Sony Satio will be upgraded to fully support the new DLNA standard for easy file sharing between electronic devices.
  5. Bluetooth improvement – The Bluetooth feature is now more stable and users will no longer experience problems connecting to other devices via Bluetooth.
  6. User Interface upgrade – Minor improvements on the User Interface which allows faster start-up and navigation.

Again, this new update for the Sony Ericsson Satio is region-specific. You will get this update not right away but eventually. I am disappointed that they still failed to port the Vivaz UI to the Satio. This phone is already great but it really needs a more efficient user interface.

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  1. Shaad says:

    I need latest updates of my sony ericsson satio U1 phone 12.1 Megapixel. its urgent required.


  2. Firdavs says:

    Satio is the most rubbish phone which I have ever used in my life. Annoying certificate checking while installing .sis files. Can’t update firmware. Don’t buy this phone. f…ng Symbian OS’s function

  3. moler says:

    i want upgrade my satio.please help me !?

  4. Bassem says:

    hello …
    i can’t connect my satio to my pc and i can’t create a backup too :(
    Sony must support SE products more and more :((

  5. Water Tan says:

    Can my se satio to install andriod? and where can I download ? Thank you…

  6. nixi says:

    for update my satio

  7. Amit Kumar Arora says:

    i am unable to connect with pc and i want to update my mobile software,

  8. Rantai Jawa says:

    For updating my satio phone

  9. ram1264 says:

    sir, i want to update my mobile software, so plz tell me , that how can do it, my mobile phone is sony ericsson satio.

  10. ram1264 says:

    need latest updates of sony ericsson satio U1 phone.

  11. jitender says:

    i need to update satio

  12. ojiambo says:

    the phone cannot connect with the personal computer.

  13. ojiambo says:

    unable to connect with pc

  14. khawar says:

    sir, i want to update my sony ericsson satio mobile software

  15. anish khan saifi says:

    sir, i want to update my mobile software, so plz tell me , that how can do it, my mobile phone is sony ericsson satio.

  16. Jerry says:

    Hi. Im also using sony ericsson satio for 1.5 yr except some features it is the beast phone I’ve ever used i really luv it…….



  18. odong says:

    Hi, I have been using the Sony ericsson satio for over a year now but i am already disappointed. First, the satio hangs up unnecessarily, secondly, it lacks some of the fanciest specs that are in the inferior series of sony ericsson (p990i and p1i). Key to note here, is the absence of the business card scanner and call filtering functions in the satio. This are small features that would have made satio even more fancier. Except for the 12.1 mega pixel camera; the satio is just an ordinary phone from sony ericsson. Can these features be included in the next upgrade?

  19. dana says:

    please i want free sims 3 download for sony ericsson satio. is that possible?