Download Free Firmware Update for Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia E66, Nokia E71

Those of you who still own Nokia smartphones, kindly check and download the free firmware updates for your handset. Recently, Nokia announced that Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, older models E66 and E71 can be updated to the latest firmware. Download them free from the Nokia Software Update web page or via Nokia PC Suite Software Updater (a notification will pop-up if you are using this desktop application provided by Nokia). I doubt if many of my dearly-beloved readers have Nokia phones but a few of them especially from Europe, do still love Nokia in spite of the company’s clumsy smart phone strategy.

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Nokia is Rolling Out Free Firmware Updates to their N97, N97 Mini, E66 and E71 Handsets

The Nokia N97 gets firmware version 22.0.110 which is a 5MB Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrade but will also soon be available via Nokia Software Update. This new version is a significant improvement on the previous firmware. It includes Ovi Maps 3.3 with free navigation and saves you space on the precious system disk. The N97 Mini also gets a new v12 firmware which also shares the same change log below.

Change log for this Nokia firmware update include the following:

  • Maps 3.3 with free Navigation built-in
  • Nokia Messaging stub built-in
  • Default screen brightness raised to 75%
  • Default theme now the jet black ‘Nseries 2′, giving longer battery life than the previous ‘Nseries 3′
  • RAM optimisations
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

And for sentimental folks who still cherish their E71 or E66, Nokia isn’t letting your fondness unrewarded. These two phones also get a new firmware update to version 500.21.009. Aside from the change log mentioned above, the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 models get a new version of Quick Office and an enhanced music player.

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  1. Nasir Ahmad says:

    thank you for your free services

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    i like n97 software updates.

  3. Ahmed says:

    n97 arabic is the best firmware

  4. sean says:

    firmware nokia E66 V10.72 BI

  5. oothat2 says:

    nokia N97 firmware update

  6. Sushant says:

    hi, i have tried updating my nokia n97 few times..its stuck at .045 version its not updating to .110 does updates depend on country to which you belong.. or when will these updates be available in India as my handset has few problems like system error and temporary unknown error…

  7. gkjgkgk says:

    Where is the ROM to download????????

  8. Andrew Charlesworth says:

    decent and easy to use