Free Kindle 3.1 Software Update Now Ready for Download for Kindle DX, Kindle 3G, Kindle 3 Models

Amazon is inviting all Kindle owners to download the latest Kindle 3.1 Software Upgrade. This free software update can be downloaded onto your Kindle 3rd Generation, Kindle DX with Global Wireless and other models of the popular ereader. Kindle version 3.1 can be downloaded on to your computer and transferred to your Kindle eBook reader via USB (manual method) but you can opt-in to use your wifi to download the free update via Over-the-Air (OTA). Amazon clearly stated that you can easily accomplish this “From the Home screen, press Menu and select “Sync and Check for Items.” The software update will automatically download in the background and install the next time your Kindle goes into sleep mode.

Amazon Kindle 3.1 Software Patch Free Download Announced and Ready

If you don't want to have the Kindle 3.1 software upgrade via over-the-air update, it's now possible to download the free Amazon Kindle 3.1 Software using the manual method.

What’s new with the Kindle 3.1 software upgrade? It comes with major improvements and add-ons for all customers’ satisfaction. There’s the new Real Page Numbers feature which is Amazon’s response to numerous customers requests for real page numbers in e-books to match the printed edition of their favorite books. Tens of thousands of e-books on Kindle library now have accurate page numbers matching their corresponding print versions.

There’s Public Notes, it’s a simple option to let Kindle readers share their book notes and highlights to others. Authors, readers, fans may share their comments and annotations with like-minded Kindle owners. Kindle 3.1 also promises to offer better news reading with the new Newspaper and Magazine Layout which gives snapshots of important news and information.

Lastly, the new Before You Go option for Kindle 3.1 lets you immediately rate any book after you read it. You can share your review or comments about it over your social network. You will also automatically get recommendation on what to read next and see more works by the same author.

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  1. mario says:

    I beleive there is a mistake in your post relating to the Software Update for Kindle DX. It seems like the only aption DXs users have for the time being is to upgrade to version 2.5.8. A have tried through wireless and nothing hapapned. I also saw the especifications for downloading from Amazon site. None of the options applied to DXs serial number, which always starts with B009. Please, prove me that I am wrong!


    having trouble to locate download of Kindle software update version 3.1 can you send via email?