Samsung Releases Firmware Update 1.10 for NX100 and NX10 Cameras

Despite selling only a mild number of units since their release, Samsung is still keeping regular updates for their NX100 and NX10 digital cameras customers. The company just issued another firmware update version 1.10 for these digital cameras and owners may now download them for free.

Samsung NX100/NX10 Camera Firmware 1.10 Update Free Download

The new Firmware Update 1.10 gives Samsung NX100 and NX10 owners a new Panoramic Shot option for taking better landscape photography.

As per Samsung’s release notes, this Firmware Update 1.10 gives a better unified user experience. Enjoy faster performance and better photography. This upgrade also gives users a new Panorama Shot feature to both Samsung NX100 and NX10 cameras. Even if you still haven’t bought the Samsung wide-angle lens, you can still capture decent landscape images using this new feature. Just select the Panorama Shot option from the Scene Mode selection and the NX100 or NX10 will adjust itself to take a long panorama shot.

Aside from these new additions, Firmware Update 1.10 also brings a major improvement on the auto-focus of movie recording on the NX100 and NX10. It’s been a major complaint by users that taking HD movies with the NX100 is not as easy as it should be because the auto-focus is a bit slow. This new firmware has fixed this problem. It also fixes the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) problem that users experienced when equipping their NX100 with the zoom 50-200mm II lens.

Samsung’s Firmware Update 1.10 also includes a new HDR-like enhanced contrast auto-focus for photographing still images. Now even if you don’t have Photoshop or any of that expensive HDR plug-ins, you can now make pseudo high-dynamic range photographs with your Samsung NX100 or NX10 camera!

Samsung Firmware Update 1.10 for the two Samsung digital camera models can be downloaded through the links below.

  • For NX100 users,
  • For NX10 users,

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