PSP v6.20 Update: PSP Firmware v6.20 Update Launches New Features

PSP v6.20 Update or PlayStation Portable Firmware v6.20 Update was released recently. Version 6.20 firmware for PSP was released a day before PS3 Update 3.10. This new PSP v6.20 Update has introduced two new features for PSP users to enjoy. One of these PSP Update 6.20 features that was launched was the Digital Comics Reader. This feature is found on PSP v6.20 update’s new category called “Extras” on the XMB. It was released in preparation for the PlayStation Network Digital Comics that will be released this coming December 2009. Learn more about PSP v6.20 update below.

Screenshot of PSP Firmware v6.20 Update with Digital Comics Reader

Screenshot of PSP Firmware v6.20 Update with Digital Comics Reader

PSP Update 6.20 also introduced the export video/photo playlists feature. This feature in the PSP Firmware v6.20 Update allows users to export media playlists (photos and videos) from your personal computer to your PSP using Media Go. Enjoy this latest PSP update, the PSP v6.20 Update with Digital Comics Reader and Export video/photo playlists features.

PSP Update 6.20 (PSP Firmware v6.20 Update) release date was November 18, 2009. If you want to enjoy these great features, better download PSP Update 6.20 now! More PlayStation news and updates will be provided on our website.

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  1. RIKO says:


  2. susmitpoizon says:

    Recently I updated my psp 3004 with psp firmware v6.20, it is cool but the problem is now i cant play games because chicken r2 do not work in v6.20.So now plz help me if any new software releases to hack psp plz send its name to my email address(

  3. JKS says:

    how to update the psp system?

    • susmitpoizon says:

      @JKS, You can update by downloading the latest firmware but i think you should not update because if you update you cant play games in your psp.So it is better if you dont update.

  4. darwin clark says:

    How can I launch my downloaded games in the memory stick in PSP V6.20? Please advise how for I have my PSP upgraded to this Version but my games are not showing. Kindly help me. Your respond is welcome in my mail inbox. A million thanks to you.

    • susmitpoizon says:

      @darwin clark, I hv the same problem so there is one thing you can do,you hv to change the mother board of your psp.then you can hack it and play iso/cso games.I hope my comments will be usefull to you

  5. edison says:

    why to download this version

    • susmitpoizon says:

      @edison, Hi, its no use updating your psp because if you update, you cant play games in your psp. THANKS.