Download Free Nook eReader Firmware Update v1.5 Now!

While owners of Augen eBook Reader with Linux OS remained static (software update-wise), starting November 22, owners of the very popular Nook e-reader may now download the latest version 1.5 firmware update from This free software patch is for both the 3G and WiFi version of the Nook.

Nook eReader Firmware 1.5 Update Free Download

B&N has released the most significant firmware update for the Nook, v1.5, which comes with major speed boost and better security features.

You can compare Hanvon Color E Ink e-Reader with Nook but with the latest firmware v1.5 update for the Nook, the latter is looking more like a better choice especially now that the color version is out. Barnes & Noble has listened to users’ suggestions and this update brings with it the most requested improvements. With this update, users may now sync current reading position among devices that uses the Nook software. You can now sync with your iPhone 4, iPad, laptops (perhaps one model listed in the post Black Friday 2010 Ads on Cheap Laptops, Computers, Peripherals and Softwares), Android mobile phones and tablets.

You can now also personalize folders for My B&N Library. There’s better arrangement of books, you can classify them according to their subject under the Shelves option. Barnes & Noble has also tightened up security for the Nook. This update now lets you put password protection to your purchases. You have the option to enable Barnes & Noble account login before you can buy from the Nook marketplace. This is very useful for people who share their Nook with family members or friends.

Furthermore, people may now also activate the Nook’s protection against unauthorized usage. There’s an option to lock the screen and it will require a password to unlock it. Once activated, this password security feature will kick in automatically after the Nook has been idle for a certain time.

Aside from these improvements in version 1.5, which provides 50% faster page turn and more accurate search capabilities that will now include the My Documents (side-loaded content), Barnes & Noble also said firmware v1.5 for the Nook comes with better battery and system management. You can check out the new Nook Color eReader, which already has Android OS 2.1 installed in it or, you can read our review of the color eBook reader via this link – Nook Color Review: Nook Color eReader Release Date is Near.

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