Ricoh G700SE Rugged Compact Digital Camera Price and Release Date

Along with Olympus Compact Camera with Built-In Zuiko Lens, Ricoh unveiled their latest Ricoh G700SE waterproof and dustproof compact digital camera at Photokina 2010 in Germany. This is a much improved update to their best-selling Ricoh G700 rugged all-weather camera. The Ricoh G700SE digital camera still retains the retro-classic design of its predecessor but now gets an upgraded 12.1 megapixel sensor.

Aside from getting a higher resolution sensor, the Ricoh G700SE also now comes with 2 GPS modules, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and Wi-Fi b/g support! Talk about making this camera an all-purpose weapon for busy individuals. The new Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity means you can print, transfer, share online your pictures or movies effortlessly via wireless technology.

Ricoh G700SE Digital Camera Sample Photo

The Ricoh G700SE offers GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support

The Ricoh G700SE digital camera can also capture HD movies at 720p resolution using the MPEG4 format so you record yourself swimming under the ocean in clear high-definition video! The G700SE is rated waterproof and functional up to 5 meters deep! And since this camera is not only for amateurs, Ricoh tacked on a hotshoe so you can use external flash if you need to take pictures at night in the mountain or wherever your adventure takes you.

If you want to own this all-weather wireless-ready camera, be ready to line up for it on November 12, 2010. This is the Ricoh G700SE Digital Camera release date announced and this is the official start when retail stores (Amazon, eBay, most likely) will start selling the Ricoh G700SE rugged point-and-shoot digital camera for a wallet-busting $1,400 tag price. This is my personal opinion of the Ricoh G700SE Digital Camera – it’s expensive for amateur photographers and hobbyists! My Nikon D5000 DSLR with 12.3MP did not cost this much money.

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