Kodak Slice Pocket Digital Camera: 14MP Capacitive Touchscreen with HD Video Recording

The company that actually invented digital camera technology, Kodak, is trying to steal thunder from industry-leading Canon and Nikon. CES 2010 showed Kodak coming out strong for the new decade. They previewed the very inspiring Kodak Slice pocket digital camera. This petite digital camera is coming with incredible features.

Kodak Slice 14MP Digital Camera Touchscreen with HD Video

Sample Photo of Kodak Slice Pocket Digital Camera

The Kodak Slice is built with 14-megapixel CCD sensor and wielding the excellent German-made Schneider-Kreuznach lens— that not only has 5x Optical Zoom but also sports Optical Image Stabilization technology! Photographers and amateurs will appreciate this addition of real Optical Image stabilization for the Kodak Slide. Small and lightweight digital cameras tend to suffer from blurred out images even if it has digital image stabilization. Optical stabilization is the true solution to jittery hands.

This small digital camera has DSLR-like clear and sharp, blur-free pictures output. The 14-megapixel sensor on it will let you take photos that can be printed up to 30×40 inches with superior image clarity. You can also take HD pictures in 16:9 ratio for viewing on your HDTV. The Kodak Slice has in-camera editing to let you retouch your images before printing it directly to a printer.

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