Samsung TL220 Dual View Camera Review: Ingenious or Gimmicky?

The Samsung Dual View Camera TL220 is one of the Samsung dual LCD cameras that are now available in the market. The Samsung TL220 was introduced in August 2009 alongside a more advanced model, the Samsung TL225 digital camera. Both the Samsung Dual View TL220 and TL225 are 12.2MP cameras with a few differences in technology. So far, most Samsung TL220 customer reviews were great. Now, let us hear the opinion of professional tech reviewers online. Below is a video review of the Samsung TL220 DualView Digital Camera.

Samsung DualView TL220 Camera Front LCD Display with Cartoon Animation

Samsung DualView TL220 Camera Front LCD Display with Cartoon Animation

What do you think of the Samsung TL220’s extra screen in front? Is it gimmicky or ingenious? The Samsung TL220’s dual LCD screen is the first in digital cameras. However, before these Samsung Dual View Camera models, old cameras (film cameras) used to put mirrors in front of the camera that aided in taking self-shot photos. Some Samsung TL220 reviews said that the 1.5″ front LCD is a bit gimmicky. Well, that’s their view of this feature. The Samsung Dual View TL220’s front LCD screen does not only serve as a guide in taking self-portraits. Samsung incorporated other functions like a countdown if you set the timer before the shot. The Samsung DualView TL220’s front screen also displays cartoon animation that was especially intended to catch the attention of children (babies/toddlers). We think, Samsung has put a lot on it to make the Samsung Dual View TL220 camera worth looking at and not just gimmicky. For a hands-on review, watch this video.

Samsung DualView TL220 Digital Camera Review by Computer TV:

By the way, the Samsung Dual View Camera TL220 is worth $299.99 except shipping fee. If you want a discounted price, is offering it for only $270.23 with free shipping. Stay tuned for more info on the Samsung Dual View Cameras and other brands of digital cameras.

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