Samsung SH100 Compact Digital Camera with Wi-Fi Release Date and Specs Announced at CES 2011

Samsung has not been as successful in the camera realm as much as it is now enjoying in the smartphone sector. Nevertheless, the South Korean company expects greater customer interest in their latest product – the Samsung SH100 digital camera , a pocket-sized point-and-shoot digital camera, which is set for unveiling this week at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

Samsung SH100 Digital Camera, Price, Release Date and Specs

The upcoming Samsung SH100 digital camera will feature Wi-Fi, DLNA and HD video recording for only $129.00

The Samsung SH100’s most notable feature is its built-in Wi-Fi and DLNA support like the Samsung Galaxy Tab on sale. This camera will let you immediately share your recently snapped photos wirelessly to your computer or phone via Wi-Fi! No hassle about transferring pictures via USB cables or memory cards! If you have DLNA-enabled TV set, you can also send your pictures to preview them in your huge 52-inch screen.

Additional features revealed by Samsung’s press release is that the SH100 digital camera is capable of directly connecting wirelessly to any Galaxy S smartphone. Not only can you view your photos, but proprietary technology will allow you to use your Samsung Galaxy S phone to control the SH100. It is possible to watch the real time live view of the camera on your handset!

You can compose the perfect self-portrait without the need for another guy to help you since you can just remotely control the SH100 – zoom in, compose your best pose and click the shutter button. Samsung said the SH100 digital camera is equipped with 14.2 megapixel sensor and it can also do HD video recording.

Official statement from the company states that the Samsung SH100 digital camera release date is March of 2011 with a budget-friendly price tag of just $129.00. If you already own any of the Samsung Galaxy S variants such as the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 android phone, this camera is a perfect companion for it.

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  1. bhodheni chenjerai says:

    i just like how this camera is built, portable yet of high quality.the issue is where can I find it with the price of US $129.00?