Joomla is the Best Content Management System (CMS) for Government Websites and News Sites

In our collective opinions here, Joomla is the best Content Management System (CMS) for non-profit, Government-owned websites and news sites. We have tested several free CMS softwares but we found Joomla to be the most flexible, easiest to manage and has tons of support and plugins. We have tested Drupal, Joomla, PHP-Nuke and Xoops in some of our test sites but Joomla simple bested them in many areas.

One example I could cite here is the Batac City Government Official Website one of the two cities in Ilocos Norte. This one was developed by Eric Nagal for the City Government where he works as Information Systems Researcher I (official) and ICT Desginate (unofficial). The site is powered by Joomla 1.0 but we’ve created a test site using Joomla 1.5 preparing the site for migration/upgrade. Please visit the site to see how Joomla looks in your end. Don’t be shocked with the music you’ll hear when you open the site. Ilocano songs will welcome you there and you might not be able to understand the lyrics. Overall, the site is neat and fast-loading. It doesn’t look cluttered and can easily be customized.

However, if we talk about blogging and you intend to update your sites more frequently than a government website, WordPress is still the best platform. Lately though, I had an experience with pingback/trackback problems in WordPress. Just a simple comparison of the two since WordPress can also be used as a CMS. They both installed on the same server and depending on your purpose or the nature of your website, you can use either of the two free CMS softwares. Both are highly recommended.


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  1. xcalbr8 says:

    Back in 1996 I was then statistician aide even though I was hired not that I was knowledgeable in stat but due to my IT abilities.

    I was promoted on the year 1999 to Tagasaliksik ng Inpormasyong PangsistemaI courtesy of SP Marders who acknowledged my talent in IT.

    xcalbr8’s last blog post..National Arts Festival ditoy Ciudad ti Batac