Backup and Restore Your Hard Disk Drive Contents Using DriveImage XML V2.14

If you want to know how to backup and restore your hard drive’s contents and restore it at will, then we can recommend you use a free software like DriveImage XML V2.14. Our review of this free software boldly claims that this backup software application is better than Norton Ghost. DriveImage XML V2.14, a cost-free alternative that I find much more competent than Norton Ghost is our best choice to backup videos, installers, photos and other important documents.

You don’t have to spend $69.99 to purchase Norton Ghost v15 to safeguard your computer system. I love the internet; the best things are truly free! DriveImage XML is a small full version download (only 1.78mb), you can get it from It saddens me that this good superior freeware program is not very well known. Norton Ghost is an over-rated bloatware that eats up a lot of memory and is super slow compared to DriveImage XML v2.14 in our tests using Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 OSes.

DriveImage Backup Utility Screenshot

DriveImage XML v2.14 is Free to Download

Not only is DriveImage free for non-commercial use but I find it much easier to use. The interface is laid out in a colorful format that states clearly what buttons to click to do backups or restore a save image. This is how utilities should be done, programmers needs to understand the beauty of simple program User Interface! Not all computer users have computer diplomas!

While at the office we do use Norton Ghost for mission-critical backups, I am now fully convinced that DriveImage XML is a worthy costless replacement. I have tried this freeware at my internet café and so far, 2 months of using it to backup 8 desktops and 4 laptops have proven to be quick and reliable. People are scared that using freeware backup softwares will compromise their valuable data should not feel so with DriveImage XML. It is enterprise worthy and a commercial version is available if you use it outside of your house.

Unlike Norton Ghost who uses a proprietary backup file format, DriveImage does backups using standard XML files which permits users to use other 3rd party backup softwares to restore with should they choose to do so.

Please review these feature highlights of DriveImage and you will be extremely delighted with it too.

DriveImage XML V2.14 Product Highlights

  1. Backup logical drives and partitions to image files
  2. Browse images, view and extract files
  3. Restore images to the same or a different drive
  4. Copy directly from drive to drive
  5. Schedule automatic backups
  6. Run DriveImage from WinPE boot CD-ROM

It offers the same features of Norton Ghost but, believe me, it implements backups and restorations almost twice as fast. DriveImage XML deserves more people using it. I am publishing this as public service. Download it now if you want an excellent but free backup utility. If you have some money to spare, you can also buy the commercial version to unlock more advanced features of this backup software application.

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