Download ProxyTube: Free Google Chrome Extension Lets You Watch Country-Restricted Youtube Videos

I’m from the Philippines and it’s really very frustrating not being able to watch my favorite artists’ Youtube videos using new Internet Explorer 9 or Mozilla Firefox 4 due to country restrictions imposed by music companies. I cannot watch Sarah Mclachlan’s “I Love You” Mirrorball concert video on Youtube because Sony Music apparently does not allow people from my country to do so. And I respect that.

ProxyTube for Google Chrome Free Download and Review

ProxyTube Chrome Extension Allows Users to Override Country-Restrictions for Youtube Videos

However, there’s now an easy way to watch all Youtube videos without being blocked. This free Google Chrome extension called ProxyTube. It was developed so  you can view restricted videos regardless where you are on the planet – US, UK, Canada, Germany, India, China, Africa, etc. – you can download ProxyTube for Chrome free of charge. We’ve also seen that the developer has made a version for Mozilla Firefox. We just don’t if it functions properly or not.

UPDATE: This Chrome Extension no longer works. That means we all have to respect Youtube’s policies. If they believe country-restriction for a specific song or video should be imposed, so be it. Their intention could be for the greater good, and that is, to curb music and video piracy. – Editor

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