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Photobucket Free Download for Android

Photobucket Mobile App Offers 8GB of Cloud Storage for Selfie Enthusiasts

Receiving periodic emails in my Yahoo mailbox from Photobucket Mobile encouraged me to use the app in my HTC EVO 3D Android phone. I’m not saying that the free to download Photobucket Mobile app is for Android only because it’s not. It’s also developed for Blackberry (looks nice on Blackbbery Z10 for its large screen), […]

Free Mobileminder Parental Control App Free Download for Android Mobile Devices

Monitor Your Child’s Phone Photos, SMS, MMS with Free MobileMinder Parental Control App

If you’re worried about your child’s (especially a teenager) online activities and what he’s been up to with his cellphone, it could be wise to download the free MobileMinder Parental Control App for his Android phone if you got him a HTC Evo 3G Android Phone or other high-end models capable of sending not just […]

Spartan Wars Free Download for Android Phones and Tablets

Spartan Wars Game App for Android: Movie Film 300 Inspired

If you have seen the film 300: Battle of Thermopylae, then you would know how popular that film was (and still is after seven years). It inspired some video game developers as well as mobile apps developers to do create products patterned after the film’s characters and one of which is the free Spartan Wars […]

Tunewiki Free Download Details For Mac and Windows

TuneWiki App Free Download for Windows PC and Mac OS X Lion Now Available

The Free TuneWiki for Blackberry app just got another new update. This time the TuneWiki free download is available for Windows PC and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or 10.6.8 Mountain Lion computers. If you want to know how to put lyrics in iTunes and Windows Media Player, this app lets you do just that […]

Wild Defense iPhone Game App Review, Game Guide and Tips

Wild Defense: Tropical-Flavored Tower Defense Game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

If you have the latest iPhone 4S or iPad 2 Tablet PC, I urge you to try this tower defense game called Wild Defense. It’s on a 50% off sale at iTunes. You can now have this superb game for just $0.99. I know there are dime a dozen tower defense games available for the […]

MapleStory App Free Download Details, Game Review and Tips

MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition Free to Download for iPhone 4S, iPad Tablet PC & iPod Touch

MapleSTory: Cygnus Knights Edition is yours to own without paying anything. It’s a free download so you can easily install it from the Apple AppStore or iTunes using your iPod Touch, iPhone 4S and iPad Tablet PC (iPad 2 OK). Nexon is the maker of this free iOS game app. This is simply an expansion […]

Snappy Dragons Game Review, Specs, Price

Snappy Dragons iOS Game App – an Angry Birds Clone for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone

The gazillions of money that Angry Birds for Android mobile phones gave Rovio has inspired other developers to make clones of it. One of these imitations is a game called Snappy Dragons. Angry Birds brought truckloads of dollars to its developers. Snappy Dragons hopes to have the same success in the mobile gaming world starting […]

Review and Game Info on Rebuild Zombie Game App for iPad 2

Rebuild for iPad 2 Tablet is a Unique Zombie Strategy Game App

If you own an iPad 2 Tablet PC, I highly recommend this new game called Rebuild Zombie Game App. It’s a zombie-themed city-building and role-playing game! This app is not free to download but the $2.99 price tag is well worth it. Rebuild for iPad 2 is a paid iPad game app but it offers […]

Revolt Shooter Game App Review

Revolt Shooter Game App for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Tablet PC and iTouch Uses Good AI Programming

Action-oriented gamers ought to consider buying the Revolt app for the iPod Touch, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4/3GS or iPad 2/original iPad Tablet PC. It is a cheap but wonderfully-made shooting game app with great graphics and solid gameplay. The developer has dropped the asking price for Revolt to just $2.99!

Download Free Wifi2HiFi App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Download WiFi2HiFi Free App to Turn Your iPhone 4 Into A Wireless Stereo Receiver

Here’s another very useful free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch owners out there. Use WiFi2HiFi and transform your beloved iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless audio receiver for your home stereo system! No extra hardware required, just download this free app from Install this free app to your iPhone 4 or […]