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Free Ragnarok Online MMORPG for Android 2.1 Tablets, Phones

Ragnarok Online MMORPG for Android Phones: Still Anime Art Style

Since early 2000, I have seen teenagers get addicted to Ragnarok Online MMORPG (desktop PC edition). Now that Ragnarok Online MMORPG for Android Phones and Tablets is out, I’m pretty sure more teeners who own cellphones/phablets like the Cheap Tablet PC Haipad Air would wish to play this free Android game app just like their […]

Iruna RPG - Best Free MMORPG Game App for Androids

Iruna Online RPG App (MMORPG) for Android Phones, Phablets

One thing amazing about the Iruna MMORPG for Android mobile phones (e.g., Lenovo Vibe Z, Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus 5 and Sony Xperia Z1S), tablets and phablets (if you will) is the 3D graphics. On some older smartphones, you will find that Iruna Online MMORPG for Mobile will load slowly and frequent disconnections are […]

MMORPG Glacier Archetype Game Tips, Tricks on Increased Damage

How to Increase Champions Online MMORPG Glacier Archetype Damage and Earn More Bonus Points

This is the Part 3 of my Glacier Archetype Build game tips and tricks. The Champions Online Glacier Archetype is famous for being hard to kill when it does the block and ice cage combo so most PvP players in UTC Cage or King of the Hill map will try to ignore you and attack […]

Free Tips to Level Up in Champions Online Glacier Archetyp PvP Battles

How to Level Up in Champions Online MMORPG Glacier Archetype: Game Guide 2

Here’s another set of tips and game guide. In Champions Online MMORPG, you can add points to your different Stats through talents and equipments. For talents I strongly recommend you pick the ones that give +5 Dex, +5 Ego, or +5 Recovery bonuses. Don’t pick +5 Endurance or +5 Constitution anymore. This guide is for […]

MMORPG Game Guide on Champions Online Glacier Archetype

Champions Online Glacier Archetype Game Guide: High DPS Build Game Tips and Tricks #1

If you want a fun way to waste your free time and also relieve your daily stress, try playing Champions Online Glacier Archetype. It’s a free-to-play superheroes-themed MMORPG. I’ve been playing it since August 2011 and I started playing Champions Online Devastator Archetype (read my series of game tips and cool tricks to level up […]


Reaching Level 40 and Up in Champions Online Takes Hard Work (Part 4)

Here’s another game tip and some tricks I’ve learned playing Champions Online using the Devastator Archetype. At level 40, you gain Brimstone. Brimstone is another Area of Effect attack. Rank 3 does a great damage and knockbacks targets for 2 feet which works like a short stun. If you intend to become more successful in […]

Game Guide Part III: On Skills and Level Differences

New Champions Online Game Guide and Tips for the Devastator Archetype (Part 3)

Teleport must be ranked to level 3 because the Devastator Archetype of Champions Online MMORPG has very low defense, Teleport will help you get out of sticky situations very quickly. It helps in the hit-and-run strategy of a smart Devastator. Unstoppable is your slotted offensive buff that lets you have 60% more damage when you […]

How to Level Up in Champions Online MMORPG Devastator Archetype

Champions Online MMORPG Devastator Archetype Skills Guide 2: Level Up and Play with More Moves

As promised in the first part of my Champions Online Devastator Archetype article, here’s the follow-up game guide for all MMORPG lovers. The Devastator, once it hits Level 17 and get its Skewer skill, will run amok in PvP. You can kill squishy archetypes and free form players in 3 to 5 hits combo! If […]

Champions Online MMORPG Devastator Game Review, Game Tips and Tricks

Champions Online MMORPG Devastator Archetype Guide: Crazy Damage Dealer Build

Gamers worldwide of Champions Online MMORPG should know that the official website is currently offering the Premium Devastator Game Guide for free to Silver (non-subscribers) players. The Devastator is for sale for 920 Cryptic points or around $12 – but for this week, you can try this amazing DPS archetype. My second character on Champions […]

EverQuest 2 MMORPG Free to Play

EverQuest 2 Goes Free To Play: No Need to Pay to Enjoy This Legendary MMORPG

Sony Online Entertainment is giving the world an early Christmas gift. Since December 6, gamers can play the legendary EverQuest 2 MMORPG for free! The original EverQuest is still considered by serious gamers to be the most challenging and yet satisfying role-play game.