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Uniden UDW20055 Wireless Surveillance System Price and Features

Uniden All-Weather 2-Camera Wireless Video Surveillance System Hot Deal

The Uniden All-Weather 2-Camera Wireless Video Surveillance System Model #UDW20055 is a good security gadget for the home or small offices. Unlike the Uniden UDW20553 3-Camera Indoor-Outdoor Wireless Security System, the UDW20055 security system only comes with 2 surveillance cameras and 7″ monitor.

FireText Smoke Alarm Specs, Features and Price

FireText Smoke Alarm: The Text Messaging Smoke Alarm

No matter how high-tech condo or house is, there’s still the ever present danger of fire. There are residences with built-in smoke detectors such as the First Alert Onelink Wireless Smoke Alarm SA501CN2-3ST. However, what’s the use of a smoke detector blaring up warning sounds if you are in the office?

Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Locator Price and Features

Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Locator Is Cheap and Effective

Frequent flyers should be delighted to learn that finally there’s a product to help them quickly locate their bags. Air travel’s most annoying inconvenience is the difficulty of finding one’s luggage from the quickly running airport baggage racks. With so many people flying, there’s always a big chance that your travel bag will look similar […]

Blink Bike Helmet Preview of Features

Blink Bike Helmet: Award-Winning Design to Keep Bikers Safe

An Italian designer won The Special Prize award at Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010 for his brilliant Blink Bike Helmet. It’s the first helmet that not only protects the user from head injuries but also keeps him a lot safer when driving at night or cycling around urban areas. As we all know, biking has […]

Samsung EZON Digital Door Lock Features and Models

Samsung EZON Digital Door Locks Introduced

Well, this is a nice surprise. Aside from already dominating the TV and smartphone market, Samsung also wants people to buy digital locks from them! Seoul Commtech, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Group unveiled the EZON Digital Door Lock at the International Security Conference in Las Vegas.

First Alert SA501CN2-3ST Price, First Alert SA501CN2-3ST Review, First Alert SA501CN2-3ST Onelink Wireless Smoke Alarm Review

First Alert Onelink Wireless Smoke Alarm 2-Pack Model SA501CN2-3ST SALE

Smoke detectors inside the house are optional for the owner of the house. Installing Carbon Monoxide alarms may hurt your pocket but will add another safety feature in your home. An example of this is the DuPont PS-131 Self-Charging Smoke Alarm.

Q-See QT426-803-5 Surveillance Cameras, Q-See QT426-803-5 Review, Q-See QT426-803-5 Price, Q-See 16 Channel H.264 Surveillance System

Q-See 16 Channel H.264 Surveillance System with 500GB HDD Cheap Deal

Security is important not only in public places or business establishments but also for the home. For those who couldn’t afford to pay a security guard, they prefer installing security systems through a series of surveillance cameras, not like Erector Spykee The Spy Robot with VOIP and WiFi and Panasonic BL-C230A Wireless Security Camera.

Zag InvisibleShield Sample Photo

iPad Tablet PC Screen Protection with Zagg InvisibleSHIELD Screen Protectors

One of my attractions with the Apple iPad is its sheer beauty. It’s a marvel of engineering but I’m more infatuated with its exquisite loveliness. Holding it is like carrying a newborn-baby, a very delicate thing I would hate to see get dirtied or scratched. My hands are clumsy, sweaty and careless. Using my iPad […]


BeBe Sounds Portable Color Video and Sound Baby Monitor TV900 by Graco On Sale Again!

The BeBe Sounds Portable Color Video and Sound Baby Monitor is on sale again! It is the Graco BeBe Sounds TV900 Audio/Video 900Mhz Wireless Baby Monitor w/ 2.25″ LCD and IR Night Vision. It is a better model of baby monitoring tool by Graco because it also had a video cam that enables the parents […]


First Alert Onelink Smoke Alarm with Voice Alert 2 Pack Deal

The First Alert Onelink Smoke Alarm with Voice Alert – 2 Pack deal is available again for a very low price. It is actually the First Alert SA511CN2-3ST One Link Voice Smoke Detector that was featured on our site earlier this year. It is also called the First Alert Onelink Talking Smoke Alarm (SA511CN2-3ST). Most […]