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Philips DS6100 iOS Speakers Release Date, Price and Technical Specs

Philips DS6100 iOS Speakers with 20W of Audio Muscle Price and Technical Specs Report

Those of you who own iOS devices should consider buying the upcoming Philips DS6100 iOS speakers. This portable speaker is a testament to the pervasive influence of iPad tablets, iPhone 4S (5th Gen), iPhone 4/3GS handsets and iTouch. Philips, once a dominant MP3 player maker has now shifted to manufacturing third-party accessories for iOS devices.

L5 iOS Universal Remote Control Specifications and System Requirements

L5 iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Universal Remote with iOS App Technical Specifications

The L5 Universal Remote for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with iOS App transforms your humble iOS device into a remote control for your HDTV, home theater system, DVD player, cable box, digital video recorders and other devices than comes with an IR remote.

Altec Lansing MuzxDNA Headphones Price and Specs

Altec Lansing MuzxDNA Headphones with Noise Isolation Feature

The Altec Lansing MuzxDNA Headphones are actually a pair of noise-isolating earbud headphones like the Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Stereo Earphones. These MuzxDNA headphones boasted its snug fit design and got replaceable silicone ear tips that come in varying sizes.

SuperTooth HD Bluetooth Speaker Specs

SuperTooth HD Bluetooth Speaker Specifications and Features

SuperTooth, a French company launched their latest and most advanced Bluetooth speakerphone, the SuperTooth HD. The company declares it to be the best in the market today and is three times better than previous versions. HD means highly desirable!

Monster iSport Earphones

Monster iSport Immersion Washable Headphones Unveiled

Monster, one of the world’s best headphone manufacturers, announced the availability of their new iSport Immersion in-ear headphones. While they are not exactly calling it 100% waterproof, they are proclaiming this headphone as wash-friendly and sweat proof!

iPhone Dock Fan Price and Features

Dock Fan for iPhone/iPad: Great Way to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is almost upon the horizon so a shrewd Japanese dude invented one of the coolest iPhone accessories. His Dock Fan is sure to keep you cool and comfy even under the burning sun. It’s the first Apple 30-pin compatible personal mobile mini-electric fan that attaches to any iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Nuu MiniKey iPhone 4 Keyboard Price and Features

Nuu MiniKey: iPhone 4 Case with Sliding QWERTY Keyboard

iPhone 4 owners who miss the feel of a real keyboard when typing should be happy to learn that the Nuu MiniKey case is already available for purchase in the U.S. and Europe. The Nuu MiniKey is an award-winning product that first got unveiled at last year’s IFA event. It received accolades for its shrewd […]

Brainwaz B2 Dual Balance Earphone Pre-Order Price, Specs, Release Date

Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature Earphones Release Date and Discounted Price

While it still won’t be shipping until the last week of April, you might want to pre-order the popular Brainwavz B2 Dual balanced earphones as early as today. Pre-ordering it will only cost you $139.50 instead of the regular price of $169.50. If you want to take advantage of this promo, find it at

Hasbro my3D for iPhone Price & Release Date

Hasbro my3D Viewer for iPhone/iPod Touch Release Date and Price

Toymaker Hasbro has finally released their much-anticipated iPhone accessory, the my3D Viewer. Originally announced last November 2010, the Hasbro my3D Viewer is a unique add-on for Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch products. It lets users immerse themselves in 360° world!

Eton NPT200WXB Rover Self-Powered Radio Price, Review, Specs

Eton NPT200WXB Rover Self-Powered Radio/Flashlight/USB Phone Charger Price and Pre-order Details

The recent earthquake and tsunami tragedy in Japan have caused massive destruction to human lives and properties. The said event also caused widespread power outages which aggravated the dire situation of survivors. In times of disaster, we all should be prepared and have emergency survival tools like the Eton NPT200WXB Rover. If price is your […]