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Cafe World Review: Cafe World Consumes Huge PC Memory

In Cafe World, there is a Buzz Rating which denotes how popular your restaurant is. The higher the Buzz Rating, the more people will patronize your cafe. The more customers you have the more profits you can generate from each menu you cook. It is very important you do time management very well. Read Cafe […]

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Cafe World Tutorial on Recipes Cost and Profit Table

Here is another brilliant tool to help you decide on what to cook for Cafe World in Facebook. Study this very informative table and you can find out the most profitable food to cook and sell at your virtual restaurant. This is not my work but a friend from South Africa sent it to my […]

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Cafe World Tips: Best Tricks to Get Maximum Buzz Rating at Cafe World

Does it give you major fits to see your Cafe World restaurant’s Buzz Rating never ever hitting the maximum score of 105? If you admit it and be humble, I can share some techniques to help you achieve the highest buzz rating in Cafe World. Nobody taught me these tricks. I discovered them by myself. […]

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Cafe World Tips on How to Manage a Successful Restaurant

Zynga keeps on cranking out winners and Cafe World is another big hit for social gamers. If you are on Facebook, it will be hard to ignore the viral popularity of Cafe World. You know I am a degenerate Mafia Wars player but most of my friends are into Cafe World so I got infected […]