Thumbs Up Thermowear: Heat Sensitive T-Shirts That Changes Color

British design house Thumbs Up is trying to revive an old ’80s fad with their new Thermowear Heat Sensitive T-Shirt. Those who want to stand out from the crowd can try putting on the Thermowear T-Shirt and impress onlookers by its ever-changing hue!

The Thermowear Heat Sensitive T-Shirt is available for a retail price of $35.54 each. The Thermowear is made pure 100% cotton and comes with secret technology that makes it responsive to changing temperatures. It is a more salable item than the Smart Underwear with Biosensors.

ThermoWear Heat Sensitive T-Shirt Price

ThermoWear is a heat-sensitive T-shirt that changes color when heated.

Heat-sensitive clothing did not take off very well decades ago due to their high price tags but since it’s more affordable, Thermowear will certainly appeal to attention-seekers and stylish party animals.

Friends, relatives and even strangers who give a hug will absolutely be amazed by the changing color of the Thermowear. It’s even a good topic to start up a conversation with a girl you have a crush on. Try to ask her to put a hand on the shirt for a few seconds and call it magic when the green T-shirts start turning yellow where she put her hand on!

Who wouldn’t be impressed with a chameleon like shirt? Want to awe the girls? Buy a dozen Thermowear Heat Sensitive T-Shirts.


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