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    iObit File SHredder and Uninstaller Freewares

    iObit Uninstaller and File Shredder Tools to Remove Unwanted Files and Programs

    iObit has produced several freewares that we love using. First, they have the Free Advanced SystemCare 7 System Cleaner for Windows and it worked without causing problems in Windows XP and Windows 7. They also offer the Iobit Defrag 3, which is the best free defragmenter for laptops and notebooks. After downloading the two softwares […]

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    Advanced Systemcare Online Protection Software

    Advanced SystemCare Surfing Protection for IE 11, Firefox and Chrome

    The problem with active web surfers is they tend to click on some links that may redirect to an “attack website”. I have seen this in Facebook where there are too many shares of stories that allegedly lead to website showing videos of controversial celebrities. These are Facebooks viruses, spams and scams that may hurt […]

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    Opera Mini 7 Free to Download

    Free Opera Mini 7.5.4 Browser for Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung Bada OS Phones

    There is an Opera Mini 7.5.4 available for free download for Android phones and I highly recommend you use this browser if you’re internet connection is slow. There are different versions of Opera Mini for mobile phones but basically they’re all the same. Opera Mini browser for iPhone 5 and iPad Air Tablet is stuck […]

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    Mozilla Firefox 28 Add-ons Causing Problems

    How to Prevent Mozilla Firefox Browser From Freezing or Crashing Unexpectedly

    It took us a while to figure out how to prevent Mozilla Firefox 28 browser from freezing and halting our web surfing activities. As reported earlier, Mozilla Firefox 28 consumes memory like a hog. It doesn’t matter if you have one tab opened or 20 tabs simultaneously opened. Firefox will freeze and crash. But taking […]

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    Mozilla Firefox 28 Browser Memory Use

    Mozilla Firefox 28 Errors Could Be Related to Huge Memory Consumption

    As follow up to the complaints we have on Mozilla Firefox 28 Errors and possibly bugs and incompatibilities, we’re posting a screenshot of our Windows Task Manager showing the CPU and memory consumption of applications (programs). First off, we’re using Windows 7 Ultimate Home Edition and physically, our Acer Travelmate 6292 laptop/notebook only has 2GB […]

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    Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Suddenly Crashes

    Errors in Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Free Download: Firefox Crashes Frequently

    We we’re really disappointed with the new update to Mozilla Firefox 27.01. The new Mozilla Firefox 28 free download did not do much good to the browser’s stability. It has remained unstable as we have reported from the Firefox bugs in version 3.5.2. With much delight though, we have downloaded the improved Internet Explorer 11 for […]

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    Free Internet Explorer 11 Upgrade Process

    Internet Explorer 11 Free Download Recommended by Yahoo for Windows 7

    Since Yahoo highly recommends Internet Explorer 11, we did the IE11 free download and you might be surprised that we love it more than before. The Internet Explorer 11 free upgrade is much better than the last time we remember using the browser. It will work fine with HP Envy TouchSmart Intel Core i7 17-Inch […]

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    Qik Videos Shutdown

    Qik Video App for Nokia Symbian, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows Shutting Down

    We have just received notice that Qik video app for many platforms – iOS (iPhone, iTouch and iPad Air Tablet), Mac OS X, Symbian and Windows PC is going to retire next month. Yes, the exact date in their press release is April 30, 2014. The email confirmation about Qik videos retiring soon came from […]

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    Portable Wifi Hotspot Settings

    How to Create a Portable Wifi Hotspot Using Android Phones

    Here’s one the many tips and tricks we can share with you dear readers using Android phones. If you have not purchased a device like Samsung SCH-LC11 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot and want to share your Android phone’s internet connection with other devices (Tablets, phablets, Nokia smartphones, Blackberry handyphones) then read on. On any Android […]